Fine Art Wedding Albums & Prints

My fine art albums are hand crafted right here in Australia, from start to finish quality, cohesive story and a work that can be enjoyed for generations to come are my main focus and objective for your album. That’s why I chose Seldex Artistic to print and bind the final piece - their processes ensure the highest quality product every single time. It’s also why we spend so much time together finalising & collaborating on the design, layouts & options… to achieve absolute perfection for your album that will be seen for generations to come. You get to decide what moments are most important for you to include and I can turn them into a cohesive story from start to finish. The design of the album is one of the most important parts of the entire process as this will determine how your story is read.

“There’s no greater way to tell the story of your wedding day and to relive the moments from it”

After you have finalised your album design, I then take those selected photographs and retouch them to your specifications. This process can involve anything from cleaning minor skin blemishes to removing background distractions. Once the retouching and final precise adjustments have been performed your album is ready for printing. The printing and binding of your Fine Art Album is all done right here in Australia. The paper used for your album is an archival quality matte paper designed especially for albums so that the two facing pages when in contact do not create any marks or blemishes. This paper is also the best to hold contrast, saturation & sharpness of your photographs, making it the perfect medium to represent your images true to life.

Once finished the printed pages are then bound by craftspeople some of whom have been working in the Melbourne factory for 20 years. Their precision and level of skill is second to none. As you can tell from our description of the process, it does quite some time until it is ready for us to present to you; however we do pride ourselves on having industry leading turnaround times of 10 weeks from the time you sign off your your treasured deign until the time we present the final piece to you. Album creation truly is one of my most prized processes, it is my final expression of the art I created from your wedding day and in that I take enormous pride, every single album that is ready to present has gone through several checks to ensure its quality and to ensure is up to our high standards. I cant wait to one day create your treasured album that you will show off for generations to come.


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